Genealogy of the Dudley Family

First Generation

phillip benjamin harvey dudley

Phillip Benjamin Harvey Dudley, 1814-1881
m. Mary Magdelina Thomson, 1816-1880

Second Generation

Their Children:
Malinzie Harriet, 1837-1895
m. James Williams

Sarah F. 1841-1842

Mary Ann Elizabeth, 1844-1864
m. J.J. Jones

Zachariah Taylor Harvey 1847-1850

Virginia Emeline 1850-1914
m. J.J. Jones
(after death of Mary Ann)

Phillip Benjamin Harvey, Jr. 1852-1937
m. Sarah F. Wynne, 1858-1937

Joanna Zilphia, 1855-1886
m. Thomas Monroe Kirby

Third Generation

Children of Philip Benjamin Harvey Dudley, Jr. and Sarah F. ("Fannie") Wynne

Dudley sistersMary Catherine ("Dolly"), 1878-1955
m. Cadimus W. McLarty

Laura, 1880-1914
Never married

Dora Margaret, 1882-1969
m. William L. Pickett

Annie Virginia, 1885-1968
m. Thomas E. Garland

Lelia, 1887-1971
m. Arthur H. Benner

Edna, 1888-1963
Never married

Winifred ("Winnie")
Never married

Phillip Benjamin Harvey III, ("Harvey") 1892-1982
m. Narcissus Johnson

Ralph Wynne, 1894-1967
Never married

Norman Woodall, 1895-1970
m. Nina Geraldine

Harris George Francis ("Frank"), 1899-1980
m. Cara Elizabeth Long

Myrtle Elizabeth, 1901-1996
Never married

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